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Cat6A cables in bulk: factors before making your purchase

As technology continues to evolve, businesses and individuals require faster and more reliable internet speeds. This has led to the widespread adoption of Category 6A (Cat6A) cables, which are designed to deliver higher bandwidths and faster speeds than previous generations of Ethernet cables. If you’re in the market for Cat6A cables in bulk, you’ll need to consider several factors before making your purchase.

What are Cat6A Cables?

Cat6A cables are a type of Ethernet cable that is designed to support data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps over distances of up to 100 meters. They are backward compatible with previous Ethernet standards, such as Cat5 and Cat5e, but offer significantly higher performance. Cat6A cables use a larger gauge wire, which reduces interference and crosstalk, leading to fewer errors and better signal quality. They are typically used for applications such as data centers, high-speed internet connections, and multimedia streaming.

Factors to consider when buying Cat6A Cables in Bulk

When purchasing Cat6A cables in bulk, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you are getting the best product for your needs.

Cable Length

One of the most important factors to consider is the length of the cable. Cat6A cables are available in various lengths, from a few feet to 1000ft. It’s essential to measure the distance between the devices you want to connect and choose the appropriate cable length. Longer cables can lead to signal degradation and a loss in performance.

Plenum or Non-Plenum Rated

Another important factor to consider when buying Cat6A cables in bulk is whether you require plenum or non-plenum rated cables. Plenum rated cables are designed to be installed in plenum spaces, such as the area between a suspended ceiling and the floor above it. These spaces are designed to facilitate airflow for ventilation and air conditioning systems. Plenum rated cables are made with materials that meet certain safety standards and are less likely to emit toxic fumes or smoke in case of a fire. Nonplenum rated cables, on the other hand, are suitable for use in areas such as walls, floors, or ceilings where fire safety standards are not a concern.

Shielded or unshielded

Cat6A cables are available in shielded or unshielded options. Shielded cables have a layer of foil or braided shielding around the wires, which helps to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Shielded cables are best suited for environments with high levels of interference, such as data centers or manufacturing plants. Unshielded cables, on the other hand, are less expensive and are best suited for environments with low levels of interference.


Price is also an essential factor to consider when buying Cat6A cables in bulk. While it’s important to get the best quality cables, you’ll also need to consider your budget. Cat6A cables vary in price depending on their length, rating, and shielding. You should compare prices from different manufacturers to ensure that you are getting a fair price for your cables.

Where to Buy Cat6A Cables in Bulk

When it comes to buying Cat6A cables in bulk, it’s essential to choose a reliable supplier with a proven track record of providing high-quality products. At, we offer a wide range of Cat6A cables in bulk, including plenum and non-plenum rated options. Our cables are made with high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. We offer competitive prices and fast shipping, making us the go-to source for Cat6A cables for businesses and individuals across the United States.

Performance and Reliability:

Cat6a bulk cables are designed to provide high-speed data transmission, making them ideal for use in applications such as data centers, server rooms, and other high-bandwidth environments. They also offer exceptional reliability, ensuring that data is transmitted without errors or interruptions.

Easy to install:

Cat6a bulk cables are easy to install and terminate. They come in various lengths, making them ideal for both short and long cable runs. They also have a small diameter, which makes them easier to route and install in tight spaces.


Purchasing Cat6a bulk cables in large quantities can be cost-effective, as it reduces the cost per cable. Buying in bulk also ensures that you have enough cables on hand for all your installation needs, saving you time and money.

Cat6a bulk cables are an excellent choice for high-speed data transmission in data centers, server rooms, and other high-bandwidth environments. They offer excellent performance and reliability, are easy to install, and cost-effective when purchased in bulk. At, we offer a wide range of Cat6a bulk cables to meet your specific needs. Contact us today

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