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Get The Best Bulk Plenum Copper Cables

ATS cables have a unique shielding that is lower in smoke and fire. Always double-check your nearby construction codes to verify if plenum cable is required because the insulation material must fulfill plenum cable standards, as the material seems costly.
On ATS Cable, we offer bulk plenum copper and category cables plenum and there is a range of plenum cables to choose from that will make installation easier and more efficient, and the customer will be quite satisfied.
In this article, all of your plenum-related questions will be answered.

Plenum Cable:

ATS cables have plenum cables and mostly every building has plenum-cable needs. They’re in the place to keep people safe from highly dangerous gases. Plenum cables of ATS cables are coated with a special smoke substance that boosts their fire resistance, making them perfect for usage in plenum spaces.


ATS cables have several different types of plenum cables, including Cat5e plenum cable, Cat6 plenum cable, Cat6a plenum cable, and Cat7 plenum cable. These cables are sold in 1000-ft bundles.
Cat6 Plenum wire is a flexible networking cable. Cat6a plenum copper adheres to safety fire requirements. This cable is made in such a way that it does emit fumes or smoke when used.
It gives fast speed so we can use it in many networks like Ethernet networks. In computer rooms and big IT centers, you can also use Cat6 pure copper as these places have cooling systems and raised floors.
  1. Cat5e Plenum Cable Specifications:  Pure copper and CCA (copper-clad aluminum) conductors are both available in Cat5e plenum cable. This cable is also available in UTP and STP versions.
  2. Cat6 Plenum Cable Specifications: Cat6 Plenum cable is defined as a Cat6 cable with CMP-rated jackets. Pure copper conductors and copper-clad aluminum conductors are both available in cables.
  3. Cat6a Plenum Cable Specifications: A Cat6 Plenum cable is a Cat6a cable with a CMP-rated jacket. The jacket structures the alike thick shell, fire resistance, and UV resistance as the earlier two cables.  

High-speed and Performance:

Many of these cables can support Ethernet networks connections like Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet due to their high performance. The cables were created to complement fast networks.


Cat6 has a connector and port that is identical to cat5 cmp bulk and cat5e plenum utp. As a result, it can be plugged into any port or connector. It is more user-friendly due to its backward compatibility.


In the networking sector, Cat7 plenum copper is getting more popular. The cable will function with your enhanced connection completely fine if you want to improve your connection. For internet networks, many small enterprises are using cat6 plenum stp.

Internet Connection Speed:

Check to see if the cat5e plenum copper, cat6 pure copper, cat7 pure copper, and cat6 plenum copper you buy can handle higher speeds. As a consequence, you can choose the finest option for you.

Reduced Crosstalk:

CAT6A plenum wire has additional insulation and tighter twists than CAT6 plenum wire. As a result, the CAT6A has a higher degree of efficacy in reducing crosstalk.

Over to You:

ATS cable offers shielded, unshielded, Cat6 plenum utp, Cat6 plenum stp, Cat6 plenum shielded cables, Cat6a plenum cables, and Cat7 plenum cables, all of which are available in a variety of configurations, including pull boxes and reels. if you’re serious about safety and reliability, use ATS Cable plenum-rated cables with an optimal category like Cat 5e plenum cable, Cat5e cmp bulk, Cat6 shielded riser, Cat6 plenum utp, or Cat7 plenum cable.
CMP cables are chosen over other cable grades such as Cat5e cmp bulk, Cat6 cmp bulk, or riser when you need more speed and reliability. Finally, the backbone of every network, whether home or commercial.

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