Does My Office Need Cat6 Or Cat7 Cabling?

As we get close to the internet world, the desire for faster Internet has increased; if you want to buy the best networking cable for constructing a new office or apartment, or maybe you’re a gamer who wants an internet cable for personal usage. We provide category cable plenum at the most affordable costs without losing the cable’s quality.

Cat6 Cables

Cat6 cables have proven essential upgrades to the current cabling system due to their high quality. It has a 1000ft cable that can handle 1 gigabit per second and up to 10 Gbps and contains four twisted color-coded pairs to reduce noise and interference.


Cat6 shielded riser cable is of high-quality PVC that emits less smoke and is chemically resistant. As a result, fire also produces less harmful smoke. In addition, it may operate at temperatures ranging from -25 to 125 degrees Celsius.


Cat6 cables meet various safety standards, including UL910, one of the most stringent safety standards. Because of this, Cat6 bulk plenum copper internet cable is in high demand than cat5e plenum.


Cat6 cable is more expensive due to its characteristics, including satisfying the safety standards and employing high-quality PVC as jacket material. Customers prefer to buy plenum cables due to their exceptional features.


  • Cat6 plenum can transmit 10 gigabits per second across short distances.
  • It enables you to send and receive data faster while maintaining consistent quality.
  • You won’t have to replace the rest of your system if you change or upgrade your networking or cabling.

Benefits Of Using Cat6 Cables In Buildings

  1. Plenum cables can provide excellent fire protection; they don’t catch fire first, and even if they do, they do not release hazardous smoke.
  2. The best aspect about these cat6 plenum cables is that they are good quality and won’t cause any fire concerns.
  3. These cables can utilize for many applications, including fast internet cable.
  4. It’s a good choice because of its ability to withstand fire and its increased fire-retardant surface.

Cat7 Cable

Cat7 cable has separate insulated pairs and a shielded jacket; it performs at higher speeds with even less disturbance.

To fully take advantage of the Cat7 cable has more excellent performance capabilities, the shielding must be grounded, and special connectors are required.

Few Things Before Buying Category 7 Cable

If you’re choosing a Cat7 plenum cable for one use, you need to know a few things about the Cat7 cable.

  • Cat7 cables are ideal for internet gaming applications.
  • The purchase of a Cat7 cable helps install high-speed Internet cable in the workplace or at home.
  • Cat 7 cables are adaptable and expandable; you will save money on future wiring.


Cat7 cables are the best cable for practically any network application. It is a popular choice in both small and large offices these days. If you’re looking for an excellent cable for your house or building’s network system, plenum cables are the way to go.

Our cat6 bulk plenum cable certified cables are carefully shielded and coated with fire retardants in plenum spaces for airflow in buildings such as houses, offices, and facilities.

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